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The Ciernan Show

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2006-04-10 Ciernans 2nd Day 019.jpg

2006-04-10 Ciernans 2nd Day 019.jpg
2006-04-10 Ciernans 2nd Day 036.jpg
Linda ODonnell sleeping near her two day old son, Ciernan
Ciernan ODonnell chilling in the incubator
Jody ODonnell changing that first, special diaper; part melted flubber, part tar heroin
Ciernan ODonnell on his second day of life
The complete ODonnell family in the hospital for another day
Ciernan ODonnell still in the hospital
2006-04-10 Ciernans 2nd Day 052.jpg
Linda ODonnell with hernewborn baby, Ciernan ODonnell
The ODonnell brothers getting some time
Gene Bliven holding his grandson for the first time
Ciernan ODonnell getting ready to test out his lungs
Tanis with his younger brother after bringing him back from the hospital
Sherri Bernheisel looking on her new nephew
Ciernan ODonnell getting one of never ending snoozes
Ciernans first night at home in his cradle
Mom and son