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San Francisco

June, 2005

Elevation: Sealevel


Tyler Berheisel at his Nanas house

Tyler Berheisel at his Nanas house
Sherri Bernheisel getting ready for the day
Rick and his older sister Sam
Cali Webb
Maci Webb
Macy and Mom at their home in San Francisco
Tanis and Macy in San Francisco
Tanis, Tyler and Sherri at the Exploratorium
Tyler Bernheisel getting a drink from a...fountain, at the Exploratorium in San Francisco
The boys in the big chair
The three amigos
Rick and Sherri Bernheisel
The Golden Gate Bridge
The boys playing on the beach with Alcatraz sitting in the bay in front of them
The boys playing in the San Francisco Bay
Sherri and Lori
Tanis ODonnell flying through the air
The twins, Macy and Cali Webb
Macy and dad, John Webb in San Francisco
Cali with some leaking eyes
Tyler Bernheisel and Tanis ODonnell at their Nana and Papa Bliven's home in Myrtle Creek, Oregon
Rick and Sherri Bernheisel