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Halloween 2006

Fear Factor Style

Tanis wanted a halloween party and Linda delivered.  She covered the entire garage in black plastic with a very large black spider draped throughout.  There was a black cave you had to traverse to even get to the garage.  There was pig mucus and bobbing for apples, worms covered in dirt and grime to be eaten, drowning rats the children had to pull out of water with their mouths, cow intestines with bugs and all kinds of things that made the children scrunch up their nose and then dive right into.  Amazingly, the most popular game was just ol' Bobbin' for Apples.  Go figure.


2006-10-27 Halloween Party 060.jpg

2006-10-27 Halloween Party 060.jpg
Tanis ODonnell checking all the goody bags
Nate Miller bobbing for apples
A pretty princess
In need of a tissue
I will hug him, and squeeze him and call him George
Sisters in repose
Ghosts, stormtroopers, witches and soldiers
Linda ODonnell holding the coffin of fun
The ODonnells carving pumpkins