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The Clock Strikes Seven

Tanis O'Donnell Dodges Darwin

Tanis had the big number 7 this year at the Inclimb Rock Gym. He had quite a crew turn up to tug on some plastic and hang on some rope.


2006-11-23 Thanksgiving 030.jpg

2006-11-23 Thanksgiving 030.jpg
2006-11-23 Thanksgiving 035.jpg
2006-11-23 Thanksgiving 079.jpg
2006-11-23 Thanksgiving 063.jpg
Sam Waterman giving lots of teeth in a fantastic smile
Good versus evil evidently was the theme of the game...or else Linda doesn't know how to say no to her boy
Nate Miller giving the best of all faces
James playing with his styrophome airplane in the gift bag
Melodie Bliven holding the little Bubbers Man at his older brothers birthday
Ciernan getting his turn on the wall
Peggy ODonnell with her grandson
Tyler Bernheisel getting his monkey-self on doing a little rope climbing
The birthday boy hanging high on the wall
Dennis ODonnell with his grandson playing the Hat Game
Tanis ODonnell and his cousin, Tyler Bernheisel discuss the newest toy