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Hoodoo, Oregon

Elevation 4668 Feet

Hoodoo Winter 2005

Hoodoo Ski - North and Middle SistersHoodoo Ski - Green Chair LiftHoodoo Bunny Hill

Views From The Top

Family Trips


Hoodoo opened in 1938 sitting at the top of the Santiam Pass in the central Cascade Mountain Range.  Hoodoo is a very small, but fun get-away from the crowds and tempestuous winds and mind-boggling flatness of Mt. Bachelor.  It is a much more family-centric ski place with short, steep terrain and a fantastic crew running it.


I taught snowboarding lessons at Hoodoo for the past couple of years.  Hoodoo sits in the saddle of the Santiam Pass in the central Cascade Mountain range.  That is my son laughing at me for something he found particularly funny.

Teaching people snowboarding is rather different than teaching people other things.  There are entirely new dynamics involved.  Here are some tips before you hit the slopes:

1.  Snow is slick!

Most people would assume snow is slick, but you don't realize how slick until you strap a 'board to your feet and let gravity grab you.

2.  Snowboarding is physically demanding!

Seriously, the slothly need not apply.  If you run out of breath going up a flight of stairs...just head to the bar and read a book about how fun snowboarding is.

3.  It's not easy.

It's slippery, white and not near as soft as it looks; snowboarding is painful.  It doesn't matter if you skateboarded, surfed, skirfed, whatever, snowboarding is its own unique balance act and you are going to fail for a certain amount of time.  During that amount of time, its going to hurt...suck it up.


The snow sports school is a waylaid destination for the non-comformist ski/board bum that corporations won't put up with.  The school has more talent than it deserves.  No fabowch's need apply.





Steve runs the ship with an iron fist.  He doesn't put up with any horse-play nor condones "slackers," shuddering at the mere thought of someone not calling or coming in.  Notice the fearfull look she has on her face, awaiting Steve's next barking commands. 

Watch out, Kim!