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Paving the Porch

Roman Dominion Style

Unions and Velveteen Rabbits

So the wife and I recently had to rip out our front wooden walkway because it was rotten.  We spent about 10 days getting these new pavers into place.  We aren't what you would call Project People...more like Hire for Projects People.  For us, this was a pretty good project to do since neither one of us had ever done anything like it.  There was only a single anger incident (me) that led to the destruction of one thing (dog kennel).  The two boys immediately joined a union which required us to give them breaks all day long and play in the dirt.  Since my wife and I were management, there was nothing we could do but work.


2007-05-06 Front Porch Pavers 018.jpg

2007-05-06 Front Porch Pavers 018.jpg
Tearing out the porch...beware the axman
Excavating and digging trenches...marking out the site
Looking at the walkway and the hole under the porch, which had to be filled in and retained
Tamping down the porch buildup
The unionized labor force with their manditory reading of the Velveteen Rabbit during the perpetual break
Full stakes and excavation.  Getting ready to level and get the depth correct on the lines.
You don't have to work when you are that damned cute
The boys getting ready to get some work done
Fully finished with the excavation
One more level of retainer wall to go!
Laying the sand, the brick edging and finally the bricks.
Last layers and getting ready to sand and brick
Laying the bricks and getting started on the front porch
The pattern and border all in place with only the sanding left
The finished project
The finished front porch
The finished pattern