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Gray's Butte

Smith Rock State Park

Elevation: 4,800 Feet


The rolling canyons of Smith Rock, Oregon

The rolling canyons of Smith Rock, Oregon
Looking up the trail and the steepness I get to climb.  Brogan spire is on the very left of this photo.
Smith Rocks, Oregon with South Sister peaking through Asterick Pass
Looking out over the plains of Central Oregon
The top of Burma Road with some fantastic rock formations
Looking at Black Butte from Grays Butte at the top of Burma Road
A little snow-mountain biking near the back of Grays Butte
Taking a break on the backside of Grays Butte
Some fantastic rock formations
Black Butte with the mountains behind it getting pounded with fresh snow
The Smith Rocks State Park
The Picnic Lunch Wall and Crooked River at Smith Rocks State Park