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White Rabbit

Ashland, Oregon

Elevation: 3,100 Feet

I took this ride at the end of July while camping at Emigrant Lake south of Ashland.  I messed up on where I started the trail.  The recommendation is to start at the top and ride down, going through the city and back to the trailhead for a 28 mile jaunt.  I started at the steep area and tried to go up.  Every local I passed asked me if I knew the area and told me what I should have done.  Needless to say, it was steep and loose.  Had I gone the right way, I would have enjoyed this a lot more.


2006-08-04 Ashland Ride 008.jpg

2006-08-04 Ashland Ride 008.jpg
Looking out across the foothills of Ashland, Oregon
Chasing the rabbit down its hole
Riding White Rabbit in Ashland, Oregon
Looking down on Ashland from the top of White Rabbit
The foothills of Ashland, Oregon
The steep switchbacks of the early White Rabbit trail
A lizard catching some sun