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Crater Rim Trail

Newberry Caldera, Oregon

21 Miles

Elevation: 7,984 Feet

I took this ride in mid-August when the temperatures were a perfect 65F degrees in the trees.  It was a tough initial climb, which I added about two extra miles and rode up to the top of Paulina Peak twice (don't ask).  I passed a single group of riders at the beginning of the trail going opposite of me, but other than that, I didn't see a single soul.  I have never felt so blissfully isolated in a long, long time.  The views are unreal and the trail makes you work for it.  And besides, you are riding the crater of a frickin' volcano, with frickin' lazer beams!


The steep initial climb of the Crater Rim Trail, Newberry Caldera

The steep initial climb of the Crater Rim Trail, Newberry Caldera
Paulina Peak sitting just under 8,000 feet over Paulina Lake, Oregon
Paulina and East Lakes with the crater rim in the background
Paulina Peak overlooking the obsidian flow and out to East Lake on the Crater Rim Trail, Oregon
Paulina Lake being watched by the Three Sisters in the background
Mount Bachelor, the Three Sisters watching us on top of Paulina Peak, Oregon
The loose desert trail on the backside of the crater, Newberry Caldera
Overlooking East Lake on the back of the Crater Rim Trail.  You can make out Paulina Peak in the back right of the caldera.
A drying lake bed
Paulina Peak across Paulina Lake coming down off the Crater Rim Trail, Newberry Caldera
The sub-alpine desert of the Newberry Caldera
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