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Sparks Lake

Four Hours To Go 1.25 Miles

Elevation: 5,430 Feet

I took the boys for a quick hike on the side of Sparks Lake off the Cascade Lakes Highway outside of Bend, Oregon.  My ambitions were to knock out two small, one mile hikes.  I had the entire day and all the breast milk Ciernan could handle.  What I didn't count on was Ciernan's ability to be upset for an amazing amount of time and the fact the stoller wasn't going to fit on about half the trail.  Poor Tanis had to hold Ciernan while I carried the stroller down the trail a ways and then come and get them.  I had to do this a half dozen times or so.  It is a beautiful, but short hike.


2006-08-06 - Emigrant Lake 062.jpg

2006-08-06 - Emigrant Lake 062.jpg
2006-08-06 - Emigrant Lake 087.jpg
Tanis ODonnell pushing his younger brother, Ciernan ODonnell at Sparks Lake
Ciernan taking a ride out on the trail
Sparks Lake Trail
Tanis ODonnell
Ciernan ODonnell giving a coy grin
South Sister over the meadow island of Sparks Lake, Oregon
A bald eagle took a swoop past us as we were looking at the mountains
One last shot of South Sister