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Multnomah Falls






Highest Waterfall in Oregon


620 Foot Falls









My younger brother, Patrick, and I did this hike in the summer of 2003.  It is not a hard hike, not much of one at all.  It does have some ascension in it, but your average tourist could do it.






Multnomah Falls has been a great roadside attraction since they built the Multnomah Falls Lodge in 1925.  I know as a kid we had stopped here a few times on our way out to eastern Oregon.  Amazingly, I hadn't ever done the hike until I was 31.










Patrick isn't necessarily the most photogenic person in the whole world.  Most of the time it's everything he can do NOT to make a goofy face.  This trip was no different.  I got Patrick in all kinds of nice poses; he has this hip humping fetish that he displays whenever he gets the feeling for it.









The hike was green so green as to be over-whelming at times.  Being from the high desert of Central Oregon, I sometimes forget how green things are in the wet areas of Oregon.  Every tree is covered with moss, ferns pack the side of the hill like concert-goers at Ozz Fest.


The trail basically winds up to the top of the falls where there is a small stone dias you can walk out onto and stand just above and behind the falls.  It is a really pretty view, and for whatever reason that day, the Columbia River was placid and calm as hindu cows.