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Deschutes River Trail

Elevation: 4,200 Feet

If you haven't walked the Deschutes River Trail starting at the Reed Market Bridge just outside of the Mill District in Bend, Oregon, you will not believe what you have running through your backyard.  Don't miss out on this easy, 3 mile hike along the river.  I have seen naked people!


2006-05-28 Memorial Weekend 168.jpg

2006-05-28 Memorial Weekend 168.jpg
Tanis O'Donnell getting ready to skip some stones across the Deschutes River
Jody ODonnell with pack, baby, diaper bag, climbing shoes, chalk bag and water bottle...for a three mile jaunt.
A small key slot in the Deschutes River at the Depot
The tumbling water amongst the basalt boulders of the canyon turn-around bridge on the Deschutes River
The beautiful and the nasty.  The geese have this alure of beauty and grace...yet they are mean, nasty, spiteful, hissing little creatures that destroy grass and crap everywhere.
Tanis ODonnell trying to catch some rays under the thick foliage
Some great kayak drops at the key slot on the Deschutes River
Water cascading down the basalt lava channels
Stopping at the Depot for a bit of bouldering on the sharp basalt
A little watering hole at the end!
Tanis didn't know trees grew that way