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Ciernan's First Hike!

Shevlin Park

Elevation: 3,600 Feet

We took an evening in the sweltering heat to grab some fish tacos at Long Board Louie's and take them to Shevlin Park.  This is perhaps one of the prettiest parks in Bend, Oregon.  The nice thing about Shevlin is that while all the other Deschutes River Parks are packed with people trying to cool off and enjoy the perpetually frigid river that drives through Central Oregon, Shevlin is generally not very busy.  If you haven't ever done the loop around Shevlin Park, you are missing out on one of the best parks in the state.


2006-06-17 Fathers Day I 147.jpg

2006-06-17 Fathers Day I 147.jpg
The start of the Shevlin Park Loop
Tumalo Creek tumbling through Shevlin Park
Over the bridge...
The sleeping baby
On the trail
Linda and Ciernan ODonnell catching the rays through the tree canopy
Around the bend of Tumalo Creek
A ripple in the creek
Tanis, Linda and Ciernan ODonnell playing on the side of Tumalo Creek
Tanis in repose
The white of the aspens over the red of the ponderosas