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5.10a ****



Sport Single Pitch


This is a route I don't really care for.  It's not because the route sucks, I am sure it is a great route.  I don't like it because it has spanked me twice.  And for no good reason other than it freaked me out.  But not in the good way.  Not in the way you freak out when someone you know jumps out of an alleyway at one in the morning as you stumble drunkenly down the street.  I am talking about the bad way.  I am talking about the first-date on a Towers of Terror theme park ride after two triple-shot vanilla lattes and you don't know if that bubble knocking at your sphincter is friend-or-foe type of freaky.  I need to get back on this bitch and ride her like skateboard on a cobble-stone hill.

All that being said, I have to disagree with the "Classic" rating of four stars.  I don't think I had ever doubted the four star classic before, but this one just wasn't that cool.