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Dane Peterson stomping underneath the brain - Widgi Creek Bouldering - Climbing OregonWidgi Creek





Bend, Oregon





Elevation: 3,600 Feet






Preface:  I recently got some disgruntled words from one Josh Lagalo who lives here in Central Oregon.  He was upset that I was giving directions and posting pictures and spraying my conquests.  I feel it only fair to share his words since I am not saying he is wrong, I just don't agree with him.  Check out his e-mail here.

Widgi Creek sits about three minutes outside of the city limits of Bend, Oregon.  My friends and I only recently started going out there after Joel guided us to its location.

Dane Peterson stretching for his next hold - Widgi Creek Bouldering - Bend, Oregon

The first thing is its pretty.  Nestled in a copse of ponderosa pines, the climbs are shaded and completely protected without being dirty or full of bracken.  Joel and I first wandered up and down the entire area, finding that there was a bunch of areas to climb at, some good, some hard and some really hard.  Mostly, it's pretty hard. 

Jody ODonnell pulling down on Captain America - Bouldering Oregon

The climbs here are pretty hard and almost all of them top out above my personal comfort level.  The above wall is my personal favorite.  It has three cracks going up and left and two of them are great climbs.

Looking up the crack at Widgi Creek - Bouldering Oregon





The rock is varied going from smooth, ledgy verticle faces and lots of sidepulls and then bumping into over-hanging hauls on crimpers and great feet.  There is much more action pulling left and right than up and down. 










The first rock I topped out was the lovable Brain pictured at top which Dane is standing below.  It's a wierd slope-ledge fest that has just enough overhang to make you have to adjust your balance to it.  Sitting to the right of The Brain sits pretty Pinky.  This rock has a single route that is pretty straightforward and easy.  The Brain is actually pretty easy, but it makes you think at the top.

Jody ODonnell taking a spill off Captain America - Widgi Creek BoulderingI have only completed a couple of the routes and hope in future days to knock out some of the harder stuff here.

Click here to see a quick vid.

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