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The Deschutes river in Bend, Oregon - Bouldering OregonThe Depot




Mount Bachelor Village Side



Bend, OR

Elevation: 3,600 feet


Click here for The Depot - Trailor Park Side



The Depot runs alongside the Deschutes river just on the southern border of Bend, Oregon.  You can reach it either by walking from the Reed Market Bridge upriver on the river trail.  Walk along the path about 3/4 of a mile and head toward the narrowing in the river.  You will see it as a great bouldering area right away.

Linda O'Donnell and Tanis O'Donnell at the Depot - Bouldering Oregon - Bend, Oregon

The other way to get there is to drive out of Bend south like you are going to Mt. Bachelor.  Turn quickly into the first Mt. Bachelor Village driveway and then turn into the River Run development and park on the left down towards the river.  There is a river trail you will take and then walk downriver for a hundred yards and again head toward where the river narrows.

Tanis O'Donnell and Jody O'Donnell climbing at The Depot - Bouldering Oregon

The rock is ledgy and edgy but most of the routes are moderate to easy.  My wife and I first went there on our 8th Anniversary.  I had just gotten a brand new bouldering pad and I hadn't tested it out yet.  To be more honest, I hadn't ever really done much bouldering outside up to this point.   I didn't like trying it without the pad.

Jody O'Donnell traversing around at the Depot - Bouldering Oregon

Tanis and I played around for a few hours, just about to the point of getting dark.  I enjoyed how ledgy everything was.  All the moves seemed to be small but very positive.  Your feet placements are pretty good on almost all of the routes, even the more moderate ones.

Tanis O'Donnell and Jody O'Donnell climbing at The Depot - Bouldering Oregon




The real crown jewel of The Depot is the traverse that spans the entrance area of the boulders.  I think you could go all the way around the area, but there is a section with some pretty strength intensive edging and crimping.  The bulge in the traverse and a sharp corner make for some interesting foot choices and balance.  It took me a month or so to link the entire traverse and do it in a single push.  There are too many no hold rests to make it a real achievement.