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Patrick O'Donnell being Patrick O'Donnell - Smith Rock - Hiking Oregon

Patrick Star

Phlegm King

Doing Favors Around the World





It's just not advisable to have him to "favors" for you.  My last favor he did for me was to total a paid off car.  Logic being that since my car was a "Piece of Shit," totalling it was doing me "a favor."  Every day, for a year that I rode my bike to work, I reflected back on the favor with a smile of gratitude that went from ear to butthole, through all the mud-puddles, honking cars, downpours and each SUV I dodged before it smacked into me.  Thanks, Patrick!







Patrick O'Donnell and Sammy at Smith Rock State Park





It's odd that one might consider a vehicle that was clean, had a single dent and was completely paid off "a piece of shit."  One man's feces is another mans totally reliable form of paid off transportation.