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Joel Hass at Smith Rock Travis Wiggins and Stephano Manzo at Smith Rock, Oregon Dane Peterson serving up flapjacks for the insane at Smith Rock - Climbing Oregon 

Looking up at Picnic Wall - Smith RockJenny Hass climbing on Rope De Dope - Smith RockBlood tax at Smith Rock - Climbing Oregon 


Smith Rock,


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What are we?  Well, we climb.  That defines us in more ways than most of us thought possible.  Obsessed?  No, not really, but possessed.  If you can't climb, you ain't happy.  It's like zen heroin...your happy place and addiction all wrapped into one.

We don't really have a place out at the local scene.  None of us are natives, most not even native Oregonian...whatever that is.


Joel Hass - Smith Rock

Joel Hass


Trad Seige


No girly-men.











Stephanie Manzo - Smith RockSteph


Mixing Rock and Flowers


The Bouncing Barista

Her last name means "meat."










Eric on Five Gallon Buckets - Smith RockEric


Enthusiastically Unemployed

School Called












Travis Wiggins climbing an unnamed 5.10b - Smith RockTravis


Mac Traddy


Southern Boy Transplant