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Jody, Linda and Tanis O'Donnell at the Emerald Pools, Zion - Hiking UtahThe O'Donnell East




Bend, Oregon




Elevation: 3,000 Feet




This is my website for me, my family and my friends.  It's completely narcistic, opinionated and oblivious to spin and anything that comes out of Dubya's mouth.

We live in beautiful Bend, Oregon after a stint out in Denver, Colorado.  My wife and I were originally Oregon natives, and I am not sure how our Colorado haitus affects our status as natives.  Linda is from Myrtle Creek, Oregon while I have moved and lived just about everywhere in Oregon.


Jody O'Donnell at the belay station on Cinnamon Slab - Climbing Oregon

Jody O'Donnell

Angerier Every Day of his Life

Climber Wanna Be



Linda O'Donnell and Tanis O'Donnell at the Metolius River - Hiking Oregon

Linda O'Donnell

Perminant Student

Gettin' the Degree!!!



Tanis O

Tanis O'Donnell

Nobody Beats the Tee Ai Enn Eye Ess



The Fifth Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle


More Tanis...


Sammy covered in cow shit - Myrtle Creek, OregonSammy


The Professional Poop Roller



My father got Tanis his first dog while on a visit to Colorado.  We went down to a puppy-rescue shelter and found the only puppy not running around yipping at the top of their lungs at us.  He was laying down, calmly watching us with large eyes, much like he is giving here, without the cowshit.  I knew that was the dog for me, the quiet, calm one.  I found out shortly exactly why he was laying down not doing anything; he had Kennel Cough.  The kennel cough almost killed him as it quickly developed into pneumonia.  They put him on steroids (he is fit to rages now and then) and gave him a slightly less than even chance of living.  I fed him honey on a nylon bone so he could get enough strength to lift his head into a food dish and get something to eat.  He is a great dog.