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Haley O'Donnell looking every inch the Ballarina Princess - Eugene, OregonThumballina Ballerina



Bourees, Demi Plies and Grand Jetes



Eugene, Oregon

December 12, 2004





Haley twirled and thumped her toes with precision and grace up and down the stage.  All I kept thinking was how she looked like she wasn't a little girl anymore.  It was a transitional viewing at the time.  We sit around and watch things grow without ever seeing the transition, it just passes from one thing to the next without borders or deliniation.

Haley O'Donnell at her 2004 Christmas Ballet Recital 

Ballet is about delicacy, lines and purity in movement.  Haley has been taking ballet for quite some time, and it was evident as soon as her group got onto the stage.  She moved with a grace that belied her age and experience.  I personally don't understand ballet, or even dance for that matter, but I did enjoy watching her move around the stage, smiling and loving the crowd watching her.  My wife dance ballet for many years prior to meeting me.  You could never have guessed that a woman who falls down stairs on a regular basis could have the grace and agility to move across a stage doing a lot of french-sounding things.  She absolutely adores the fact that Haley loves to dance also, a special kinship that bridges years.

Haley O'Donnell giving a bow at her Christmas Ballet Recital in Eugene, Oregon