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Shon O'Donnell and Haley O'Donnell at Hoodoo - Skiing OregonRepreh' Sentin






West Side










Shon O'Donnell building Tanis O'Donnell a play fort in Bend, Oregon

Shon O'Donnell


Bald Bull

Shon represented the family well at Oregon State University making sure the place didn't forget his name or his antics anytime soon.  He helped close down the Weatherford Dorm.  He owns O'Donnell's Irish Pub in Eugene, Oregon.  The bar business in Oregon has grown tough between OLCC and the Lottery Commission.  Mix this with the stinking hippies running the city council who banned smoking in all bars in Eugene and you get a place that has lost 50% of its bars in the last year.


Amy O'Donnell



To Eskimos

No Problem


Haley O'Donnell in Bend, Oregon

Haley O'Donnell

Four Point Oh.

Just Ask Her.

Haley is the ambitious one in the family.  She routinely overloads her time with ballet, jazz dance, drama and piano lessons.  How she has a life, I am not sure.  She has picked up skiing and rock climbing with me, recently making her outside climbing debut.


Allison O'Donnell skiing for her first time at Hoodoo Oregon - Skiing Oregon

Allison O'Donnell

Rock Monkey

Too Cute

To Resist

Little Ali Babba is a xerox copy of her grandmother.  The problem is, she was born with all of grandma's 'tude as well.  She gets what she wants and has no problem finding the way to get it done.  She has a knack for climbing and has been known to get pissy when her uncle doesn't take her climbing while she is visiting.