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Melodie and Gene Bliven at Ober Gatlinburg - Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

The Blivens

Clan of Three

Sometimes Four...


Situated amidst the sprawling metropolis that is Myrtle Creek, Oregon, the Blivens live on the Old Pacific Highway in the bustling yuppieville that is the Tri-City area.  It has a McDonald's.  It's that big.

I will have a small section soon dedicated to the "Myrtle Creek Summer Festival."  It was a smorgasboard of mullet plumage.

Gene Bliven - Myrtle Creek, Oregon

Gene Bliven on Tanis' 4th birthday - Bend, OregonGene


The Builder


His boss is a jewish carpenter

He's not retarded.


That's his "special" helmet.

It's his...precious.







Tanis O'Donnell and Jeanie Bliven on Easter 2005 - Myrtle Creek, Oregon

Mom to anyone who ever asked

Jeanie Bliven on her 50th birthday - Myrtle Creek, Oregon




Melodie Bliven on the Beach - Newport, Oregon

Fashion Queen

















Melodie Bliven, Linda O'Donnell, Tanis O'Donnell, Tyler Berheisel, and Sherri Bernheisel at the Mark Hatfield Marine Science Center - Newport, Oregon



Teen Brat