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Hoodoo_Feb_2004_081.jpgOne Plank


Two Plank




Red Plank



Purple Plank





My brother and I got our families together in February of 2004.  Hoodoo was having its best year in a quarter century, the snow was coming down in double digit powder counts every other morning and getting the kids out on the snow was paramount.




Tanis had been skiing a few times with the Mountain Cub group but he hadn't gotten the ability to stop or steer too much by himself.  He had started to catch on the last trip.  Shon had skiied in his younger, more hair-filled days.











Ally had never skiied before but she is never afraid to try something new.  She took some lessons with the Mountain Cubs and  was able to fly like oil on teflon by the time the day was done. 










Haley had been skiing a few times before.  She ran her first black diamond run that day and was very proud of herself.  She stuck with her father and I while we floundered like two aging dads knowing the day we keep up with our kids are numbered.









Linda had hurt herself and our sister in law, Amy, didn't really care to ski.  Linda kept herself busy by taking a lot of pictures and helping out with the kids while Shon, Haley and myself made repeated attempts off Manzanita.  I was also able to get Shon up onto the peak and come down Mambo.  The upper peak of Hoodoo was fantastic this year, and for the price you can't beat the terrain and snow.


The orange and gold annoint this chosen fan to a life filled with very few good years to cheer for.  I still can't imagine ever truly rooting for the Beavers.  They just seem to lose too much.  It's not that I begrudge Beaver fans their fun, I just feel sorry for them.  And before you can say it...I am not a Duck fan either.  I am a fence sitter in the Pac 10 Sports arena, rooting for whichever team I feel a whim more towards than the other.  I usually pick the teams I think are going to beat the Beaver's just to annoy my brother.


Unfortunately, Shon has sucked my son into his vortex of pain by getting Tanis Beaver paraphanalia.  My niece, Melodie, also happens to want to root for a team that doesn't win.


The day wore on with intermittent snow showers and snotty noses, but all in all, everyone had a good time.  The kids got pulled around on a snow merry-go-round and the adults got to go and make themselves sore.  The little children did a lot of mugging for the camera and falling.