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One Mile Round Trip



Rated: Easy


What can I say?  It was a very cool evening after some good food we decided to take the shuttle back into the park.  Tanis had been getting itchy feet with him always strapped into a backpack.  He had agreed to walk the entire hike, a prospect I am not sure he felt entirely up for.Zion_Trip_Day_30_.jpg

It was a short hike, and we more than took our time.  There were areas of little streams coming down the columns.  And there was a lot of vegetation in this area, cool from the foliage.  It was still warm, a balmy ninety degree evening, but cool because it had been one hundred and eight earlier that day.Zion_Trip_Day_37_.jpg

The top of the hike is like a big theater balcony, only with water dripping down around you.  We stayed for about an hour, checking out the sites and sounds while Tanis jumped through each mud puddle twice.  It was one of those nice evenings you dream of on hectic days at the office.


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