Taylor Creek sandstone wall - Zion National Park, UtahTaylor Creek


Middle Fork


Five Miles Round Trip


450 Feet Elevation Gain

Rated: Moderate







When we were trying to decide which we could do (limitations with child and equipment) this was one of the last hikes we wanted.  Not because we didn't think it was going to be fun, it just didn't really stand out at all in the book we bought for Zion.  I am very glad we did this hike.

Mormon Homestead at Taylor Creek - Zion National Park, Utah

We started in the heat of the late afternoon.  It's a bit of a drive north from Zion, but no more than twenty to twenty-five minutes from Springdale.  It was hot in the afternoon, but most of the hike looked like it would be shaded by humongous walls and lush vegitation.  We made some publicity stops at a couple of old Mormon homesteads.  It is hard to imagine entire families lived in what amounted to the size of my living room.

Tanis and Linda O'Donnell at Taylor Creek - Zion National Park, Utah

The hike got prettier and cooler as we went along.  It was quite a bit different from Zion in the sense that  the vegitation was constant, not broken up pieces of it here and there.

Since this was our last hike on this vacation, we took our time getting to the end.  We weren't sure exactly where the end was.  When we reached a wonderful sandstone amphitheater, we knew it was the end of this hike.  We took some time to take pictures of ourselves.

Linda, Tanis and Jody O'Donnell at Taylor Creek - Zion National Park, Utah

Linda carried Tanis on the way back and I practically ran to keep up with her.  She was very proud of hiking 2 1/2 miles in a half an hour, which is pretty good with a child strapped on your back.  Better than I did all week!

At the end of the hike, I found a strange land formation.  It appeared the land had folded in and buckled on itself.

Buckled land at Taylor Creek - Zion National Park, Utah

And of course...our parting shot of the hike:

Taylor Creek - Zion National Park, Utah

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