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Seaside, Oregon

After the graduation, we went to Seaside on a free trip from my parents.  The weather was fantastic and the water was actually not freezing.  It's kind of like the compliment "the food wasn't disgusting," but I mean it.  Normally, touching your big toe to the water can cause everything in your body to shrivel back in horror at the thought of the rest of you touching it.



Tanis ODonnell buried in the sand

Tanis ODonnell buried in the sand
Jody and Tanis ODonnell in a hulk of a ship on Fort Stevens Beach
Jody ODonnell at the headwaters of the Columbia River
Tanis O'Donnell at the headwaters of the Columbia River
Russell Battery on the northern Oregon Coast
Bouldering on the beach
Jody O'Donnell bouldering on Canon Beach
The rocks and the sea at Canon Beach
Starfish and sea aenaoneameais...yeah
Tanis and Linda O'Donnell poking the sea creatures
Sea creatures in the tide pools at Canon Beach, Oregon
Cluster of starfish petrified to the tide pool rocks at Canon Beach, Oregon
Tanis and Jody O'Donnell surrounded by muschles and sea aeneanamies