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Anaheim, California

Elevation: 138 Feet

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Disneyland 061.jpg

Disneyland 061.jpg
Disneyland 085.jpg
Disneyland 105.jpg
Ciernan ODonnell at California Adventure in Anaheim, California
The ODonnell boys at California Adventure on our first day
Jody and Tanis ODonnell standing on the Pier at California Adventure
Tanis and Jody ODonnell at California Adventure
California Screamin roller coaster
The Tower of Terror...Tanis no likey
Ciernan waiting for dad and brother to finish up Mullholland Madness
Disneyland 035.jpg
Disneyland 043.jpg
Darth Vader at Disneyland feeling the force strongly from...someone
The entrance to Its a Small World
Tanis expressing some anxiety while looking at the spikes coming out of the ceiling on the Indiana Jones Adventure ride
The family in front of the castle and Walt Disney
The ODonnells on their way out of disneyland
Hollywood with the Tower of Terror sitting behind it
Sir Tanis Patsy with sword and shield