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Beach_051603_003.jpgThe Beach!




It's the Ice Cream of Geography


Elevation:  0 Feet


Hypothermia and Clams



The beach.  Is there any place in the world, other than Powell's Book Store with a limitless in-store credit card, which has such unique smells, memories or delight?  While I trumpet the Oregon Coastline as the best in the world, I am pretty sure I haven't seen any other beaches.  And that's the beauty!  I can herald the Oregon Coastline as the prettiest in the world and not really care if I am accurate or not!  It's not like I am talking about precepts to going to war here, I don't have to be misleading or lie.  This is just opinion not satelite photos and testamony from disgruntled ex-patriots.

This is a sunken treasure of delight from many of our various beach trips we have taken over the years. 

Remember, August 19th is the International "Talk Like a Pirate" day.  Arrg!


May 2003

August 2002