Tanis O'Donnell holding strong at the Temple of Sinawava - Hiking Utah

Temple of Sinawava

Pollywog Central

We went to the Temple of Sinawava near the beginning of our trip.  I knew this was where I was going to end up with The Narrows hike, so I wanted to be familiar with it.  Plus I loved the name.  Sin-Uh-Wah-Vah.  It sounds so sweet.  And its a Temple!  I haven't ever really made it to too many temples in my life, and I jump at the chance.

Linda O'Donnell pointing out the polly-wogs in the Virgin River at the Temple of Sinawava - Zion National Park

Tanis got to have some fun playing in the Virgin River and discovered tadpoles in the water.  He was really psyched to see those little buggers flipping around in the shallows.  He wasn't too keen on picking them up or touching them.

Not much really to do here except enjoy a cool river in the heat.  Most people use the Temple as a staging ground for doing a small hike up The Narrows for a few miles.  A lot of people don't like to hike sixteen miles.

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