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Tanis O'Donnell climbing How Low Can You Go - Smith Rock - Climbing OregonSoap on a Dope





The Pictures my Brother didn't want You to See




Rope De Dope

Fall, 2004



Both my nieces, when they come out of the rain from the valley, go climbing with Uncle Jody.  They have gone to the gym many times and always appear to have a pretty good time competing with each other, as siblings are ought to do.

Allison O'Donnell showing what cute is on How Low Can You Go on Rope De Dope Block - Smith Rock - Climbing Oregon

It was a beautiful afternoon and the hike out to the crag was warm and dry in the late afternoon.  We hopped out to Smith Rocks State Park after a grueling day at the hood.  Linda grabbed the girls from the paterfamilias and drove down to the heated desert.

Allison O'Donnell tearing it up on How Low Can You Go - Smith Rock - Rock Climbing

We started easy with the slab side.  I put up the 5.6 on the side and packed Joel's rope up to the top.  The thing that makes Rope De Dope fun is that you can set the top-rope anchors on any route from the top.  I dropped our ropes over the anchors of another route and belayed the wife and kids for a while.  Joel and his wife, Jenny, were over on the face of the block climbing.

Allison O'Donnell hanging out on top rope - Climbing Oregon

This was the first time for the girls to be outside.  They hadn't really done much rope climbing at all, mainly bouldering when they are at the gym with me.

Tanis O'Donnell looking for elusive holds - Smith Rock - Sport Climbing

Linda was the first to go up after lead followed quickly by little Allison.  She was able to use Tanis' rock climbing shoes, basically water-socks for little kids.  They work just as good for kids as the regular climbing shoes and you can get them at clearance prices.  They have a hard rubber sole that sticks pretty good to rock.  It gets the job done.

Tanis O'Donnell getting his climb on - Smith Rock - Climbing Oregon

She got about halfway up before deciding that was high enough.  Tanis quickly followed and then Haley behind him.  Haley made it to the top on her last try.